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About Lama AI

Lama AI revolutionizes business lending by integrating artificial intelligence and big data to streamline origination processes for banks, ensuring ease, speed, and responsibility.

As a Product and Branding Designer at Lama AI, I had the privilege of contributing to this innovative journey. From concept to execution, I crafted a compelling brand narrative and identity that resonated with our vision. Moreover, I took the lead in prototyping and designing two complex systems —one tailored for bankers and another for borrowers—enhancing user experiences and making the business lending process more user-friendly than ever.


Lama AI


Apr 22 - Jan 24


Solo designer

High level goals

Develop a unique brand identity to communicate the startup's mission, values, and selling points, building recognition and trust in the fintech industry.

Challenges along the way

Initially, we came up with the idea of showcasing stories of small businesses achieving their dreams with our assistance, anticipating the emotional resonance it could evoke. However, upon closer examination, we realised that our true target audience was not the small businesses themselves, and this approach would not resonate with our primary audience.

Our target audience included diverse stakeholders, such as banks, credit teams, CLOs, bank executives, and SaaS executives. Each group had unique needs and expectations, posing a significant challenge in tailoring our messaging and design to effectively engage with them.

Additionally, convincing a traditionally conservative audience to trust our innovative approach with their most valuable assets wasnt an easy task.


We researched the obvious competitors in the fintech industry. However, recognizing the distinctiveness of our approach, we also studied competitors known for simplifying complex, bureaucratic subjects to enhance user-experience as well.




The Plaid

Evident Capital




Rejected paths

We explored many options for our storytelling and design approaches. One of the strongest options was to simulate the banks as solitary islands, with our platform serving as a connecting lifeboat. However, we opted against this idea as it seemed we were showing banks in a negative light.

Instead, we pivoted towards a more positive concept, portraying every loan approval as a cause for celebration . Our design centered around Benjamin Franklin, the figure on the dollar bill, creating a festive atmosphere around him. While we received positive feedback from the audience, we ultimately felt the design was too familiar and lacked uniqueness.

Key learnings

We see you

We identified multiple distinct target audiences, each deserving of individual attention and tailored messaging. We ensured that each group was prominently featured on the homepage and provided with a dedicated page with relevant information tailored to their specific needs.

Let’s be real

We accurately presented real data within our brand, maintaining fidelity to the source material. This showcased our comprehensive understanding of the subject. Furthermore, given that beautiful design is not commonplace in the banking world, our brand immediately stood out.

You are a good person

We understood that presenting bankers positively would likely result in a favorable response. That's why we wanted them to know that we see them as people with the right intention who share the same goal as us - to help small businesses thrive.

While our name is often associated with the animal llama, it is actually inspired by the Dalai Lama. This choice reflects our dedication to promoting goodness through wisdom and technology , as "Dalai" signifies wisdom. Our objective is to facilitate positive outcomes by using smart technology to connect small businesses and banks, creating a win-win situation for all involved. Our design language mirrors this ethos, emphasizing positivity and innovation.

The user interface

We opted for a young purple color to differentiate ourselves from the conventional shades of blue commonly used by banks. Additionally, we embraced a sleek and tech-inspired aesthetic complemented by imagery with a money-like filter to convey our focus on financial innovation.


As an early-stage startup, I’ve crafted numerous presentations for investors, conferences, and internal company use. Demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional results, it’s crucial that every output reflects pixel-perfection, ensuring our product aligns with excellence.

Social Media

Rather than a traditional marketing approach, we launched the ‘#SMBgrowth’ campaign. Our goal? To spotlight the resilience of entrepreneurs in every U.S. state. Crafting a series of social media posts, each featured a different small business success story, accompanied by captivating visuals.

We knew a good campaign strikes emotion. This campaign wasn’t just about engaging the public; it struck a chord with bankers as well. By showcasing the real-life impact of small businesses, we reminded bankers of the dreams and aspirations behind each loan application. Through these heartfelt stories of perseverance and success, bankers were inspired to supporte the dreams of small business owners, and they could do so through Lama AI.


In conferences, much like other startups, our primary aim was to draw people to our booth and, ideally, captivate them with our message.

Hence, it was crucial to ensure that our booth had a professional and inviting appearance. However, we realized that we also needed to offer something more to entice attendees to stay longer. While it might seem that bankers are solely focused on business matters, we discovered that incorporating interactive elements such as games, puzzles, and challenges tapped into their playful side, encouraging them to engage further. Providing bankers with a reason to stay not only increased our booth’s visibility but also provided our business team with the opportunities to present our product effectively.

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